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We don't take your tax dollars through government funding agencies. We are an independent media organisation focussed on developing open and reasoned exchange.


Congratulations on getting on The Platform, New Zealand’s very own independent digital media site.

Now in its second year of operation The Platform is the original independent media space where you can receive and impart views and opinions the mainstream media simply cannot handle.

Free of government bribery and lobbyist influence The Platform is funded by a mix of advertising and most importantly subscriber support allowing it to operate with true editorial independence.

We don’t turn off our comments section or cancel people we don’t agree with and as result are one of the fastest growing new media outfits in the country.

Through our website and app, you can listen live for nine hours a day and call in or text our on-air hosts.

With more than 12 million hits on Youtube alone The Platform gives you innovative long form interviews and also curates a wide range of independent columnists and writers who share their insights in our Opinions section.

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Sean Plunket
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