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Who's teaching our teachers? Punishing dissenting voices in education

Diversity of representation seems only to apply to an individual’s appearance. The prevailing ideology, on the other hand, requires conformity.

18 July 2024

Low-calibre hit jobs on Seymour miss mark

Attacks over Atlas, Snapchat and Treaty bill fall flat.

10 July 2024

Letter to the Prime Minister

08 July 2024

The Cancer Society is racist? Really?

The media’s mission to demonise NZ’s health system continues.

01 July 2024

Equal Treatment

RGE said InsideOUT did not support all rainbow and takatapui young people as claimed in its mission statement. InsideOUT emphasised the needs of trans, gender diverse and intersex students, at the expense of lesbian and gay students.

27 June 2024

Critic, Conscience and Kaupapa: the ongoing Free Speech clash at UoA

Universities should strive for institutional neutrality where diversity of thought can occur within their communities, allowing academics to take their own stance on issues.

26 June 2024

Government breaks second cancer drugs promise

Dr Reti’s pledge to blood-cancer patients is forgotten.

14 June 2024

The Govt’s lobbying reforms are at a crossroads

It’s easy to understand why corporate lobbying is a popular career for political insiders. It involves lots of money, plenty of influence, little scrutiny, and no regulation. Lobbyists say they have more business than ever.

14 June 2024

The Darkness Of The Tamihere Fiefdom

Can One Man's Narcissism Undo Decades Of Good Mahi? Yes.

04 June 2024