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Sean Plunket: Did Minister Mahuta know when she turned up with her husband to help launch its new facility in Auckland that her husband was in the midst of a major transaction with the Global Metals?
Sean Plunket
Founding Editor & Breakfast Host
June 27th, 2022

OPINION: Where there is muck there’s brass (William Gannin Ormsby’s transformation into waste management expert.)

 With an official investigation underway into the granting of uncontested government contracts and positions to members of Minister Nanaia Mahuta’s family we thought it might be interesting to see what claims her husband, Willian Gannon Ormsby and his company Ka Awatea Services Ltd might have to be experts in waste management, (the field which some of their government contracts concern).

Mr Gannin Ormsby has no tertiary or special qualification in waste management or “circular economies”, he is a former NZ soldier which one might presume involved digging the odd latrine.

Strangely though the company he owns Ka Awatea Services Limited (KASL)  the recipient of more than $100,000 in Govt contracts does have a history in waste management.

As at 1 July 2020 KASL was a wholly owned subsidiary of Hamilton company Global Metal Solutions.  On 7/8 July Gannin Ormsby was added as a director and shareholder of KASL. 20% of its shares were transferred to him. The remaining 80% of Ka Awatea was transferred to the three existing owners of Global Metals, severing all ties between Global Metals and its subsidiary.

3 days later on the 10th of July Associate Environment, Local Govt and Maori Affairs Minister Minister Mahuta and another MP turned up for the opening of Global Metal Solution’s Auckland office.

The opening of the Auckland plant highlighted the purchase of an overseas built metal shredder secured with the help of a Kiwibank credit facility and a trade import guarantee from Treasury.

Fast forward to Sept 20th 2020 and the remaining of Ka Awatea is transferred from the owners Global Metal solutions to Gannin Ormsby who is then the 100% owner and sole director of KASL.

In 2021 Global Metals won an award for Maori Exporter of the Year from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise in addition one of its directors Craig Te Horo is appointed by Trade Minister Damien O’Conner to The Advisory Board on Trade.

The questions this chain of event raises is did the Minister Mahuta know when she turned up (with her husband) to help launch its new facility in Auckland that her husband was in the midst of a major transaction with the Global Metals? In what capacity did the Minister attend the opening and was her attendance in anyway linked to the subsequent deal?

Sean Plunket is the founding editor of The Platform and an award-winning veteran broadcaster and television presenter.