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Parliamentary Protest Poll Results February 2022

Who are the protestors at Parliament? We commissioned a survey to find out.
Curia Market Research Ltd
Quantitative and qualitative market research
February 21st, 2022

Where about in New Zealand do you normally live. Is it Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, another city, a town or a rural area?

The proportion of protesters from Wellington, Christchurch and towns is close to their share of the population.

The proportion of protesters from provincial cities was almost twice as high as their share of the population.

There were relatively few protesters from Auckland and rural areas, compared to their share of the population.

What age group would you be in. 18 to 40, 41 to 60 or over 60?

46% of protesters were agreed 41 to 60 and a further 41% aged under 40.

There were fewer protesters aged over 60, than their share of the adult population.

Assumed Gender

55% of protesters surveyed appeared to be female and 45% male.

A great proportion of protesters were female than in the overall adult population.

Which ethnic groups or groups do you identify with?

64% of protesters sampled were European, 27% Māori, 4% Asian and 3% Pacific.

There were almost twice as many Māori respondents amongst the sampled protesters as compared to their share of the adult population. Pacific and Asians were under-represented and the proportion of Europeans was very close to their population share.

If you voted at the last general election, which political party did you vote for with your party vote?

45.7% of protesters sampled voted for Labour or the Greens. 27.8% voted for National or ACT. Other significant parties voted for were New Conservative 8.7%, Advance 6% and Māori Party 3%. (When those who did not vote are removed).

19% of protesters sampled did not vote. This seems in line with the election results which saw 82% turnout, so around 18% of enrolled adults not voting.

Of the five parties in Parliament the most over-represented are the Māori Party which has three times greater supporter amongst protesters than in the election and the Greens who have twice as much.

ACT has 1.6 times as much while National and Labour voters are under-represented.

Of parties outside Parliament, those most over-represented are Social Credit (15.2) Advance (7.6), NZ Outdoors (7.1), New Conservative (5.9) and ONE (2.8). However while over- represented, protesters who voted for those parties only represent fewer than 20% of those sampled.

Have you received any shots of the Covid-19 vaccine, and if so how many?

77% of protesters surveyed were unvaccinated. 21% have had at least shot.

In a few words, what is the main reason you are here

Top 10 Responses

  • Anti mandate

  • Stop the mandates

  • Freedom of choice

  • End mandates

  • Anti mandate, pro choice

  • Stop mandates

  • End the mandates

  • Anti mandate, freedom

  • Anti mandate pro choice

  • Support freedom of choice

Survey Information:

POLL DATES: Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 February 2022. The median response was collected on Saturday 19 February 2022.

TARGET POPULATION: Protesters on the grounds of Parliament (estimated to be 1,000 or so).

SAMPLE POPULATION: Protesters on the grounds of Parliament who agreed to be survey. The response rate was over 95%.

SAMPLE SIZE: 312 respondents agreed to participate.

SAMPLE SELECTION: Face to face canvass of people in Parliament Grounds who were not wearing a police uniform or were media.

SAMPLE ERROR: Based on this sample of 312 respondents, the maximum sampling error (for a result of 50%) is +/- 4.6%, at the 95% confidence level for a population of 1,000.

CODE COMPLIANCE: This poll was conducted in accordance with the Research Association New Zealand Code of Practice and the International Chamber of Commerce/European Society for Opinion and Market Research Code on Market and Social Research.

David Farrar
Curia Market Research

20 February 2022

Curia Market Research Ltd has been operating since 2004 and offers both quantitative and qualitative market research through our polling and other services. It is located in Wellington, but has clients throughout New Zealand, and overseas.