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Shallow woke Identity Politics trumps all in NZ Media

Martyn Bradbury: Not only does identity politics limit our understanding, it alienates as well. No wonder the Left are hemorrhaging votes.
Martyn Bradbury
Contributing Writer
May 17th, 2022

OPINION: Reviewing the past week has seen our newsrooms using only identity as the lens through which they pursue any investigation.

Less journalists and more micro-aggression policing crusaders who fail to appreciate the wider focus.

Consider the following stories.

It was more important to destroy Simon Henry for his comments regarding Nadia Lim than any reflection on why My Food Bag crashed to half its price after the promoters took most of the cash for themselves through a sell down on listing. Rather than a focus on the cult of promoters who cash in and dump stock, it was more necessary to take millions from Henry and chase him to his tennis practise. 

It was more important to criticise Willie Jackson for calling David Seymour a "useless Māori" rather than focus on the policy of destruction ACTs alternative budget was promising. In it, David is promising to amputate the Ministry of Youth, the Ministry of Ethnic Affairs, the Ministry of Māori, the Ministry of Pacific Peoples, the Ministry for Women AND the Human Rights Commission. Rather than focus on this mutilation, Corin Dann on RNZ almost blushed when he said "useless Māori" on air. If that's the level of journalism now, what makes Corin Dann blush at Wellington dinner parties?

It was more important to decry armed Police as a threat to Māori rather than a threat to our collective human rights when so many NZers are shot in the back and are unarmed. The Māori Party's need to reduce this to race and claims armed police are racist makes the argument about whether or not the Police are racist rather than the Police shouldn't be shooting unarmed Kiwis in the back.

Finally the Green Party have painted the recent immigration settings as racist when the lazy and cheap immigration that has replaced actual growth for imported growth has contributed to the very infrastructure underfunding they are forever complaining about when it comes to cycle lanes, public transport and rentals. 

In each case the issue is only being seen through a micro-aggression policing identity lens and it eclipses a deeper understanding of the issue in each of the above cases.   

Not only does identity politics limit our understanding, it alienates as well.

No wonder the Left are hemorrhaging votes. 

Martyn Bradbury is Editor of the Daily Blog, the largest Left Wing Blog in New Zealand and hosts The Working Group, the best weekly political podcast that isn't funded by NZ On Air.