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Woke Green gender co-leaders the final death of NZ Greens' credibility

Martyn Bradbury: The Greens with one leader - Chloe - could be a 15% Party. Greens with a gendered woman and a 'any gender' co-leadership will be accused of pandering to their own woke dogma
Martyn Bradbury
Contributing Writer
April 11th, 2022

OPINION: House of Slytherin protege and Herald political columnist, Matthew Hooton, has conjured/unearthed/suggested how the Greens could get around their one male leader one female leader power sharing arrangement by changing the rules to be one women and one other gendered so that Chloe Swarbrick can replace James Shaw. Hooton says:

The stage is being set for Auckland Central MP Chloe Swarbrick to join Marama Davidson as a co-leader of the Green Party, replacing James Shaw.

This requires amending the party's constitution, which currently demands one co-leader be female and one male. Party members will soon change the rules, instead requiring one co-leader to identify as a woman and the second as any gender. They are also expected to introduce a rule requiring one to identify as Māori and the other as any ethnicity.

These changes are set to be debated and implemented at the next Green Party AGM and follows disgruntled environmental supporters being jaded by James Shaw's incrementalism.

Changing the rules so Shaw can be dumped and gender diversity expanded will be a death blow to the male Green Party membership who will be told they're required behind the scenes because their cis male status triggers too many of the green woke activist base.

Selecting leaders based on identity politics intersectionality as opposed to their talent and ability to win popular support is sure way to keep a party below double digits.

Personally, I think they should have dumped the co-leader role altogether and given the leadership directly to Chloe who I believe has the talent to get the Greens to 15% based on her meritocracy.

Instead they will pass her a poisoned chalice of their 'any genderco-leadership role that will be mocked mercilessly and rob her of true leadership mana.

This debate over the co-leadership has been occurring for two and half years behind the scenes and they still couldn't work out if they were Arthur or Martha.

This non-binary gendered virtue signal will come across like very wanky naval-gazing at a time when people are screaming out in anxiety and pain for economic reform. 

Woke middle class identity politics have overtaken class as the dominant theory on the Left so all this new leadership team of Marama and Chloe will achieve is more legislation against anonymous trolls who say mean things about feminists, more policing of gendered language online, and publicly funded safe spaces for everyone who isn't a white heteronormative cis male.

The Greens with one leader - Chloe - could be a 15% Party. Greens with a gendered woman and a 'any gender' co-leadership will be accused of pandering to their own woke dogma while the electorate cries out for environmental and economic policy. 

The Greens are fiddling with themselves while Rome burns. 

Martyn Bradbury is Editor of the Daily Blog, the largest Left Wing Blog in New Zealand and hosts The Working Group, the best weekly political podcast that isn't funded by NZ On Air.