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More on that Roe v Wade feeding frenzy

Karl du Fresne: As the days pass and the New Zealand media continue to revel in a self-generated feeding frenzy over Roe v Wade, Luxon looks more and more compromised

June 29th, 2022

The Romanticisation of Maori Culture Reaches A New Peak Mental

Asian Invasion 2019: As an adult in the room can I point out - there are NO LIONS IN NEW ZEALAND.  Never have been other than in the zoo.

June 27th, 2022
nz politics

More Questions over Mahuta

Sean Plunket: Did Minister Mahuta know when she turned up with her husband to help launch its new facility in Auckland that her husband was in the midst of a major transaction with the Global Metals?

June 27th, 2022
nz politics

More on the Mahuta mess from Graham Adams

Graham Adams: A ministry investigation shows that concerns about perceived conflicts of interest are not going away. Opposition MPs have lodged a slew of written questions for ministers to answer.

June 27th, 2022
nz politics

The cabinet minister and the RNZ editorial executive

Karl du Fresne: The issue, then, is this: while in one respect the relationship between Allan and Dunlop is their own business, they must accept there are unavoidable wider implications.

June 23rd, 2022
nz politics

Virtue signalling, Kiri Allan, Three Waters & secret donations

Karl du Fresne: I like what I’ve seen of Allan. She’s Maori and lesbian, but she doesn’t appear to play the woke card

June 21st, 2022
nz politics

How Government funding is used to muzzle mainstream media

The Platform looks closer at the Public Interest Journalism Fund and exactly what mainstream media have agreed to.

June 18th, 2022
nz politics

Why is New Zealand’s defence minister visiting South Korea?

Geoffrey Miller: The Pacific remains the focus during Henare’s current trip to Asia

June 16th, 2022
nz politics

MSM's silence speaks volumes

Martyn Bradbury: Is the Public Interest Journalism Fund's strict editorial policy smothering focus on Nanaia's Three Waters nepotism criticism?

June 7th, 2022

Behind the headline there is a story

Daphna Whitmore: It's an old ploy of publishers to hook readers in with a provocative headline. That’s what NZ Listener was doing when it asked on cover: "The War on Men, Isn't It Time It Stopped?".

May 31st, 2022